Additional Products

We were the first company in Saskatchewan to offer green screen photobooth rentals. What makes this super cool is that you can add any image to the background and tailor it to your event theme!

Green Screens are commonly used when TV anchors deliver the weather. The Background is actually just a plain  greenscreen, but a superimposed image of a map is placed on the screen for the user to see. This is the same concept for our greenscreen photobooth, except we place whatever image you want in the background (a white sandy beach, a shiny new car, or whatever suits your event) and make it seem that you are a live part of the background.

Here are some example pictures of our greenscreen photobooth!!

(Owner Jen was trying them out)

Make sure that next time you are thinking of renting a photobooth for your event, add our GREENSCREEN option!

Still perfect for corporate parties, graduations, weddings or any special event.